Community Service | #ShareOurSkills

Skills are gift from God. We must share IT. Let's do IT!
wecollab offers free basic to advanced IT tutorials and training to public schools and deserving individuals - giving IT back to the community.

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How to qualify for Free Training and Tutorial

  1. For schools, you must be a public or government school.
  2. For individuals, you must be an IT enthusiast who is very willing to learn but cannot afford the training. You may also choose to be our partner, just click here.
  3. Contact us or fill up this form.
  4. Wait for our reply or call for verification and interview if you could be qualified.
  5. Community Service is initially limited to Bulacan, Pampanga, NCR, and nearby areas or provinces.

If qualified, you can get free 8 hours of IT training. Please subscribe to any of our social media accounts for the announcement of beneficiaries (one school and one individual every month).

Please let us know what you think.

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